This September we are bringing a new Adventure to Novi Sad; a new tango experience that will bring people from different places, cultures and dance styles. We are looking to provide a high quality program with the best maestros and DJs. Bring your warm embraces to our cozy town; bring your best shoes for many hours of dancing and your great energy to make this event unforgettable!

Tango Adventure is on its way, how about you?


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Novi Sad is the city of cheerful people, music, fun, great nightlife and many festivals. It is an open and tolerant city of friendly people and endless cultural diversity. The city lies on the banks of Danube river which gives it magical and romantic vibes, and also attracts many tourists. Don’t miss walking around the old centre of the city, drinking coffee in the wonderful streets, such as Zmaj Jova street, or Dunavska street that leads to the beautiful park called “Dunavski park”. Also, you can’t miss the Liberty Square which is framed by beautiful buildings among which are the City Hall and the famous Name of Mary Church. We recommend visiting Petrovaradin fortress on the right bank of the Danube. It represents one of the symbols of Novi Sad from which you can watch the beautiful sunset and enjoy the view of our city across the river.